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Florida Everglades

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Incredibly Tasty

This website's #1 best seller, these "wild" fruit are way better tiny tomatoes than you've ever had, period

These delectable tomatoes have now been grown in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico as well as several Caribbean islands

We "discovered" these Wild Florida Everglades Tomatoes while being given the owner's tour of a well known local nursery which exclusively sells tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees, fruit shrubs and fruit vines

It was July of 2001 and it was hot.   Near the end of the golf cart tour we suddenly spotted several tomato vines in perfect condition and loaded with bright red cherry tomatoes

  • Perfect condition?

  • Loaded with bright red fruit?

  • In July in South Florida? ...impossible

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My hostess said "taste a few" and I was further shocked they tasted like REAL tomatoes fondly remembered from my father's garden in Michigan many years ago - and they were very sweet with zero acid flavor - just amazing

How can this be?  There is no native Florida tomato, right?  WRONG.  I was informed these are heirloom tomatoes wild in Florida that can and will grow happily almost every month of the year

You can plant them now and plant them every month thereafter and get an incredibly bountiful production of super sweet cherry tomatoes that taste better than any tomato you have eaten in many many years

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These tomatoes sprout almost 100% germination.  Plant one seed per pot.  If you don't, like my neighbor didn't listen (pic below) they all come up in one mass

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The pot below had our winter crop ...the taller tomato was transplanted ...all the rest just came up on their own from fallen fruit

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Plant them in your ground or plant them in your pots or plant them to grow on your porch or patio, these tomatoes perform amazingly well with minimal care

Here are two photos taken February 5, 2011

on the balcony of a 11th floor condominium facing west, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Below photo taken March 17, 2011 ...Fruit !!!

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Once they "kick in" 2-3 vines will keep you in delicious tomatoes every day for nearly two months of production.  Vining growth habit looks like this young plant below

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Also, they're fast to grow flowers and set fruit, even without bees to help pollinate - a truly carefree high production plant (bees are better than no bees, of course)

Flowers look like this then set a cluster of fruit

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Below is a plant that just popped up deciding to grow where we have our Tropical Oregano.  The picture was taken mid-May 2007...this single plant is huge and starting to flower everywhere

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And here's one in December 2008 that came up as a volunteer between wood planks on our deck ...we have no idea how a seed got onto the deck ...or when

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We have a fresh supply of the Native Wild Florida Everglades Tomato seeds right now

Once you own these seeds, you'll have Wild Florida Everglades Tomato forever as they are true to seed so you can re-plant them whenever you wish - all year long in South Florida

Here's a quote from one customer:

"In 2003 I purchased seeds for the "Florida" cherry tomato. Forgot them till May of '04. They germinated 90%, year old seed. The 6" seedlings made it through 2 major hurricanes, gave me tomatoes all through the 04-05 winter, housed under a plant 'umbrella', and only croaked in August of 05. Needless to say, I am still growing them from left over seed, as are 4 or 5 of my clients. You were right: only buy these seeds one time!"

Give them to your friends and neighbors

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Here's another customer quote:

"We're in our 4th year of Wild Florida tomatoes ...they're everywhere and delicious !"  Barb from Texas

This customer quote arrived May 2012:

"We are picking as much as 2 one-gallon buckets a week.  The vines grew out the roof of my greenhouse, but my step ladder is 12 feet and there is still a lot of fruit I can not reach.  We take extras to the senior center and many of the people are growing them.  One lady named them Sweet Little Darlin's.  We have had more fun with these little tomatoes than anything we have ever grown.  Thanks !!!"  Tony from AL

You receive complete sprouting and care instructions with your order.  Seeds will come in an envelope and you can plant them right away.  The sooner you plant, the sooner you and your family will enjoy the finest wild tomatoes you ever had

Wild Florida Everglades Tomato seeds are $7.95 with packing and postage included

You may order your Wild Florida Everglades Tomato seeds below (approx 15-20 seeds per pkg)

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As always, you receive complete care info
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