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Wort Fern
Super Great Plant - Terrible Name (sorry)
Polypodium scolopendria
Microsorum diversifolia
Microsorum diversifolium

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Here's a super cool fern, BUT.....Can you imagine a WORSE name for a really great plant than Wort Fern

Hang in there folks .....for many reasons you'll read below, this plant is our favorite indoor fern even though it has that terrible name

Also, Wort Fern is supremely excellent outdoors as ground cover in shade in zones 9-10 ...and almost no one has them

No, they're not rare, but are rarely seen

This fern is rare to see even in South Florida.  Folks who do not own this fern probably have never seen or heard of it ...and make a face when they hear the name

Seems there is a movement to offer the name Kangaroo Fern with a new Latin Microsorum diversifolia.  The biggest wholesale grower in Florida says "you can't tell the difference" hence, we think it's the same plant

Wort Fern is always hard to find for our landscape customers (we did this work you see below) where we love to use it as a ground cover, even in heavy shade

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Customers get a perplexed look on their faces when we say "what you need here is Wort Fern" so we ALWAYS have to explain.  Wort fern is actually a extremely carefree plant, is always very green, and never begs for food or water

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Indoors, Wort Fern compares extremely well with any plant that is on the "Ultra Hard to Kill" or the "Super Easy to Grow" list of houseplants

The reason is indoors, providing only some bright light is often insufficient for many plants, but not this one.  Any area with enough light for people is good light

  Use Wort fern indoors in its own pot

  Use Wort Fern indoors in pots with other plants to dress the soil and give an extra lush tropical look to your existing plants

  Use Wort Fern with a totem climber to get a "high altitude" tropical look

Sandy soil?  No Problem

Small pot or big pot?  No problem

Only a little daily sunlight?  No problem

Maybe you want to re-name this excellent plant the 'No Problem' Fern These are much better names, aren't they ?

Still want more features?   No problem

The 'No Problem' Fern spreads on runners over the surface of your soil  (and partially slightly underneath).   It expands itself in all directions so it grows...

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...wider as well as taller.  You can snip off side growth and easily start new plants These are much better names, aren't they ?

You can add the snips to other potted plants you have or directly outdoors into other places you want a green groundcover

We could also name this plant 'Tree Climbing' Fern because when new growth encounters something upright a tree, a fence, or a pole, it decides to climb up up and away WITH NO SOIL NEEDED for the climbing sections !!!  Very cool to see, like in this photograph below

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Indoors, you could insert a stake or totem in your pot and your Wort Fern will naturally feel it and then climb it.  You end up growing the 'Skyscraper Fern These are much better names, aren't they ?

Let's go over the features again...

  1. Attractive clean, bright green color
  2. Exclusive -- no one you know has one
  3. Grows great outdoors in shade
  4. Easy to grow indoors
  5. No fuss for soil or food or water
  6. Easy for you to propagate
  7. Climbs up and up if that's what you want to have your fern do
  8. Lasts forever as new growth is continuous

Now shipping are nice Wort Ferns that go nicely into your pot today or start them in your landscape if you prefer

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