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Wild Iris

Dietes grandiflora
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The Wild Iris is native to South Africa and has a world of uses in your landscape or potted if you like.  Hearty for zones 8-10, you can use this rare-to-see bloomer in many ways

Wild Iris flower grows in clumps (quickly) that you can divide and re-plant.  You can have the above mass of iris in just a few seasons...and no one else will have 'em

What is that plant ?
Where'd you get those flowers ?
They grow so nice, what's your secret ?

These very cool flowers are held high on tall stems about 3 feet tall at maturity.  Flowers are seen from spring to early summer and then usually late summer you get another blooming period

Plants are pretty tough, drought tolerant, don't need much water once established and is a perennial evergreen.  Best flowers are in plenty of sun but some shade is OK too

Use in a pot if you like...

You can use Wild Iris in narrow situations like below

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Water modestly to establish, feed during warmer and hot months, and that's about it ...plants grow easily and rarely beg for water.  Once it does rain, the flower show begins

Plants on hand are really nice, but only a few to offer...

Pictured below are ALL the Wild Iris plants we have ...looks like about 25 available ...these few Wild Iris live plants are available to you now at only $17.50 plus postage and packing

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