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The most cold tolerant true palm in the world
Windmill  Palm

Chinese Windmill Palm
Chusan Palm
Windmill Palm

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Windmill Palm will live in the snow

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Windmill Palm is rated THE MOST cold tolerant true palm you can own ...easily growing happily in zones 7-10 without any winter protection whatsoever

You can enjoy the true tropical look - an authentic palm growing at your home, outdoors, all winter

Windmill Palm is a SUPER HARDY palm that can withstand freezing temperatures and snow and ice.   Height varies by climate and care ...10-20 ft tall is common and 40 feet tall is possible

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Native to China, Windmill Palm grows from Florida to Rhode Island, California to Washington State, in Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Germany, all over the world, Windmill Palm is grown for tropical affect and ease of care

Windmill Palm is rated to very low temperatures.  We have documentation this palm survives at -8F, another that says it can take 100% defoliation then come back like a bullet in springtime

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Windmill Palm is very attractive even when young as you look down on the fronds, which grow in great quantities

As your Windmill Palm grows taller, the fibrous trunk swells wider at the top ...then it carries even more foliage while staying compact, and green even in winter months.  True palm seeds are produced as well

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This is a major tough palm.  Not only extremely cold tolerant, Windmill Palm handles drought exceptionally well plus high temperatures in hot urban landscapes are not a problem at all

Trunks are covered with a loose mat of coarse gray or brown fiber. In older plants the fiber sloughs away to reveal a smooth ringed surface, the same look typical of many tropical climate palms like the coconut

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Want the tropical look?

Want to one up all your friends and neighbors?

Windmill Palm is the best palm for you

You will love your Windmill Palm and your friends and neighbors will be amazed you have such a beautiful true palm growing happily at your home

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The Windmill Palms now shipping are 2-year-olds like this one

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Most have 3-6 fronds ...only 22 are available and will sell out fast

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