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Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Brunfelsia pauciflora
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We get a lot of email for this tri-color perennial bloomer very well named as


The picture above is a close-up photograph of the same shrubs below front of a 3-million dollar home here in Fort Lauderdale

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As you see, this an excellent landscape selection

The Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrub from Brazil is prized because it shows off 3 different colors of flowers during fall and winter with sweet smelling flowers

First, blooms are deep lilac which turn to light lavender and finish with a fade to white. Hence the names yesterday = deep lilac, today = lavender and tomorrow = white. As an added bonus, these flowers are fragrant

The Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrub is small at about 4-7 feet.  With good pruning for shape, this shrub is a real show stopper

For fall and winter blooming, this evergreen shrub is an excellent selection in all of zone 9 and zone 10.  You can landscape with this shrub as in the pictures above .....or keep in pots

In pots, you can show off the blooms in season anywhere on your property

The pansy-like flowers have white throats and bloom when few plants do...fall and winter.  The blooms are seen in profuse clusters of up to 10 blossoms each ...even with some shade

Many folks prefer Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrubs in pots to protect from cold snaps yet still enjoy their long-lasting "off season" flowers

The flowers are fragrant

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Now is your opportunity   These are great starter plants ready for a nice pot now.  Most are around 4-5 inches tall and growing fast and quite a few are starting to bloom right now

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You may have one or three of your own Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plants.  One plant is only $17.00 plus $6.00 postage & packing

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