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Yellow Tabebuia
Yellow Poui

Tabebuia caraiba

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If you live in Florida, for sure you have seen this very impressive bloomer

If you have ever visited Florida during springtime, you no doubt smiled widely when you saw Yellow Tabebuia show off its flowers

Fort Myers, Florida probably has the best show in the state because they have 10's of thousands of Yellow Tab trees in bloom all over town

Not technically a dwarf, but a small tree, Yellow Tabebuia (or just "Yellow Tab" as they say in Florida) fits into a lot of landscape places.  If you have been thinking of a carefree, pest free small blooming tree, please consider the Yellow Tab

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Yellow Tab really blooms best with neglect.  For example, the one above is NEVER irrigated's on a commercial lot with no sprinklers

Rated a small tree to about 20 feet (old and mature like the one below),

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The foliage is mostly deciduous. Some trees lose nearly 100% of their leaves prior to blooming (best) while others will hold some of their old leaves while in flower.  The more leaves that fall, the better the bloom intensity

In pots or in the landscape, one "trick" is to cut off all added water 6-8 weeks before spring. This will encourage leaf drop and produce a much heavier show of flowers

The trunk and wood of the Yellow Tab is also very interesting to see.  The texture looks a lot like cork tree

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Use Yellow Tab for small spaces, in full sun or partial shade, on well drained soil. Use in zones 9-10 or potted with winter protection.  Below are 3 HIGH REZ pics if you'd like to see

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Yellow Tab has no pests

Because Yellow Tab is a small tree, Yellow Tab would make an excellent and rather exclusive potted plant

You may order one, two or three nice live plants and at bargain prices

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Live plants now shipping (sample shown above) are nice and leafy, happy and ready to move to your house

Your Yellow Tab is a nice bargain today at only $12.50 each plus postage and packing

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