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Artabotrys hexapetalus
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You may already know the celebrated story of the Ylang-Ylang Perfume Tree.  The world famous Chanel No.5 perfume created in 1923 in France by Coco Chanel derives its essence and inspiration from the fragrance of the Canaga odorata, commonly called Ylang-Ylang tree

But, there is also a very special plant named Ylang-Ylang vine

Very rare to see, the Artabotrys hexapetalus sports an amazing perfume fragrance .  Not the same scents as the tree.  Folks describe the perfume from this flower as a combination of lemon and melon, extremely fragrant, from just a few sturdy waxy blooms growing nestled among the seeds

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Ylang-Ylang vine plant is sometimes handled like a shrub.  It's easy to prune the woody vine to resemble a shrub --- and if you do that, you get more tips which = more flowers

Left to grow naturally on woody stems, your vine can reach 10 feet or so.  Pruned, you may have your Ylang-Ylang Vine at 5-6 feet as a shrub or in pots as small as 3 feet

Flowers are similar to the tree because blooms start pale green then turn yellow with age.  Flowers produce scents that lasts for days even when picked and taken indoors to perfume your home

Scrape the wood and it is fragrant too...

Smash a leaf and the leaf is fragrant as well...

Imagine how powerful is the flower

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Early in 2010 we planted Ylang-Ylang Vine fresh ripe seeds from a family plant.  Seeds took almost 4 months to sprout

Now, finally, we have a few hearty seedling live plants of this rare perfume plant.  Plants on hand are now ready to ship to you

Outdoors in frost free areas or grown in a good container, you can have this rare and exotic perfume vine at your home.  Moderately moist soil and mostly a sunny location is all you really need.  Your plant is fast-growing, and easy to handle

It's likely nobody you know has this plant.  Rare to see...

Really hard to find.  But you may now enjoy your own Ylang-Ylang vine, Artabotrys hexapetalus, with intoxicating fragrances as a live seedling plant

For you or as a sensational gift...

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