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Orchid Tree
'Napoleon's Plume'
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Bauhinia monandra
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Is this the most beautiful dwarf orchid tree of all?

It sure is a major contender quite an exclusive plant

Bauhinia monandra is a wonderful dwarf tree with blooms so extremely orchid-like, you will surely impress all your friends.  Gorgeous complex flowers show off in great masses of bloom late fall or early winter ...when few trees are in flower

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Plant lovers understandably LOVE FLOWERS and THESE orchid tree flowers have to get a top rating from you for "most beautiful orchid tree." quite an exclusive plant

Dwarf Bauhinia monandra flowers open first as red/rose with yellow tips

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...then quickly change to a very sweet pink, then hold the pink

Bauhinia monandra is rarely seen without flowers except in winter when it is deciduous in most climates

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You might have flowers on your Bauhinia monandra as many as 4 months a year but best performance for quantity are your warm months

The flowers are big, and as you see in the pictures, blooms grow in groups

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Every cluster is unique in composition

Some more with reds and yellows, some all pink, most have a mix quite an exclusive plant

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Dwarf, perhaps as small as 8 feet, maybe as tall as 12 feet in your landscape

If outdoors all year long, in full sun to light shade, you need the warmer parts of zone 9 and all of zone 10 and 11 are just fine

This dwarf will grow on dry sites with poor soil, and with a little cold protection, can also be happy in arid climates

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Indoors, you can handle your dwarf Monandra in pots with bright light, most any soil, good food but low water.  Keep water to a minimum in winter and early spring and you will enjoy the best flowers outdoors late fall or early winter months

You may order your dwarf Monandra live seedlings plants today quite an exclusive plant

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