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Beautiful & Tasty
Tropical Oregano
Cuban Oregano

Plectranthus amboinicus
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In the Greek language, the word oregano means

"Joy of the mountain"

"Joy" also for you to own this outstanding carefree succulent.  Excellent for beauty & superb for cooking

Tropical Oregano is an excellent surprise gift for
your favorite cook

We've been experimenting with Plectranthus amboinicus for two years to see if all the cheering and accolades are deserved

First, "is this a good looking plant?"

YES !!!  This easy going succulent grows so well and so beautifully, it's worth owning and showing off just for the highly attractive foliage

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Medium green leaves that seem to last forever ...and bordered with a wonderful white edge

The growth habit is both upright as well as cascading.  Ours have been in terra cotta pots on the patio ...foliage and stems fall down on all sides creating a foliage "skirt"   and,   stems grow upright to a height of 15-20 inches on sturdy stems

Second, what about this business of using the renowned name "oregano" ...does it REALLY taste like oregano?  Oh yea, it does !!!

Besides plants, our other passion is cooking.  So when we explain that this Variegated Cuban Oregano tastes great and is a perfect substitute for Greek oregano, we're serious about the comparison

...cook with heat as with common oregano
...cut fresh into salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers
...have fresh oregano ALL YEAR AROUND

Third, what's radically different is you will have your Tropical Oregano growing beautifully, looking great and you will harvest leaves 365 days a year ...this succulent is perennial

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Each new small leaflet becomes a new branch.  A developed plant will be lush like the one below

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These Tropical Oregano plants are ready for your landscape or your pot and ready for your kitchen right now

Indoors or outdoors, just keep frost free with good light and you will have a happy pests

Ohhhh, and don't forget, you get fragrant flowers too

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Tropical Oregano is a available to order now

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